The Good Old ISA

ISAs are ever popular due to their simplicity and flexibility.  Once within an ISA your money grows free of further tax.  When you want to take it out, you can take as much as you want, again tax-free.  Some of their financial planning uses are:

Cash reserves – A cash emergency fund is a financial planning essential.  If held in a Cash ISA, the interest will always be free of tax.

Investing for income –At a time of record low interest rates, Stocks & Shares ISAs offer the prospect of tax-free investment income.  Be aware though this involves investment risk.

Investing for growth –Any growth in a Stocks & Shares ISAs is tax-free as Capital Gains Tax does not apply.

Regular savings – ISAs are suitable for monthly savings as well as lump sum investments.

Planning for large expenditure – Build a tax-efficient pot to fund a property purchase, wedding, university fees – you name it!

Note the value of any tax benefits depends on personal circumstances and tax rules are subject to change. 

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